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Another great product from Low and Mean is the Fork Extenders that fit the Honda Fury and 1300 Custom Line motorcycle cruisers. This product is a great, cost efficient way to clean up the top triple tree and add a little lift to the front of the motorcycle. Adding a slight lift to the front of your ride gives the bike a more chopper look. The polished, smooth top surface of the Fork Extenders blend in with the stock polished triple trees, creating a seamless custom look. The combination of the Fork Extenders and Low and Mean lowered rear shock will transform your Honda Fury or 1300 Custom Line into a whole new ride. The Fork Extenders raise the bike ½” in the front, but the lowered rear shock drops the back 1.5” in the rear. You still get the great Honda handling, but now the look is much more appealing to the eye. Quote from CEO of Low and Mean, Chris Hagest, “The Honda Fury is a very nice production bike, but one aspect hurting the look is the stance. Our Fork Extenders and Lowered rear shock set the bike in a stance that looks balanced with the rest of the motorcycle, and the best part is it doesn’t kill the handling.” This product is very easy to install and almost anyone can do this with a motorcycle jack and simple garage tools. Low and Mean is ahead of the game, offering excellent PDF manuals and video instructions to make the install as smooth as possible. This product is made from 6061T aluminum billet stock and is a direct replacement for the stock fork caps. Low and Mean has been very aggressive in producing new products for the Honda Fury and 1300 Custom Line, so please join us on our mailing list to be kept up to date with new products and cool videos.
Check them out at Honda Fury Fork Extenders

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