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I will update this FAQ occasionally, please add any information that you can to the "POST REPLY" and I will update it when I can. This is not all the information available and will be updated. If I made a mistake on something, let me know in a PM please!!! Also, if you can contribute knowledge to a post, please do so! Use CTRL+F to find your way around this FAQ faster.

Honda Fury FAQ

Q: What kind of Honda Fury’s are there and what are their colors?

A: Silver, Blue, Matte Silver, Maroon, Red and Black, Black, White, Orange... other colors are available as well well for used bikes.

Q: How much should I try and get the Honda Fury for from a local dealer, what is a fair price?

A: Check out this thread please, it has some good details in it:

Q: Since I am new to the forums, where can I find ___x____ information on the Fury?

A: Best Answer: Google Custom Search at the top of the page in the Banner. This will give you the best results for many of the issues or questions that we have had with the bike as well as the many mods and adjustments that we have made with the bike since it came out in May of 2009.

A1: Second and least liked is the: Honda Fury Forums> > Search tab

Q: I lost my manual or I cannot find it, is the owner's manual online where I can reference it?

A: Yes, please go to this link:

Q: How do I remove the reflectors off of the rear fender on the Fury?

A: Check this link for answers: and this one:

Q: How do I remove the reflectors off of the front bottom forks?

A: See video

Q: What’s up with the welds on the Fury?

A: Believed that Honda intentionally made the welds on the Fury like that to give the bike a custom look.

Q: What is the oil capacity on the Fury and what type of Oil and Filter should I use?

A: Please refer to this post here:

Q: What’s up with all the plastichrome (plastic coated with chrome) on the bike?

A: Honda uses it to reduce the weight of the Fury and keep costs down as well. It has been proven that this material will last for awhile, so don’t worry about it instantly breaking and falling apart on you, it won’t happen. Try to choose a cleaner that is also a polish; make sure to read the warning label on the cleaner before proceeding. Suggestion, original Bike Spirits is what most dealers use to clean the bikes on the showroom floor; you should give that a try first. Check out this thread as well for other ideas:

Q: New to motorcycles, is the Fury a good choice for me?

A: Depends on your general tastes in motorcycles. Honda is a good, reputable brand that builds rock solid engines for their motorcycles, after that is comes down to personal choices. The Fury has won several awards already in the first year, either at dealership conventions or at MC ran events, it is not a bad choice for the price.

Q: I am x’x feet tall (32++ inseam) and the stock pegs are a little close, is there anything that can be done to allow me to drive the Fury?

A: Yes, there are forward extended controllers that you can purchase for the bike that will allow you stretch out your legs a little further than the stock position. There are several manufacturers for forward controls, most notable are Accutronix: and Supreme Legend: Forward control classic round w / rubber chrome - standard - fitment: vtx 1300 and LREXTREME: [email protected]. More entries would be and a few other websites. There is also the swing wing pegs, which can also work as highway pegs without ruining the down tubes on the bike, please refer to this post for comments on those pegs: and RAW makes an adjustable offering as well:

Q: What is the top speed of the bike and how do I make it go faster?

A: Let it be stated, you are riding a chopper. Okay, 100mph is the limit and there is a speed governor put on there that is in the bike's electronic chip (programming) and would need to be electronically reprogrammed to go faster. The governor is probably put on there because of the small radius of the front tire and is more for safety (an H rated, 130mph smaller radius front tire). Currently there is no known mod to go faster, other than a bigger back tire. Has to be said in advance, please do not ask the forum how to get the bike to go faster, we are tired of this question.

Q: Why can't I go past 42 mph in first gear and 60 in second gear?

A: There is a rev limiter on the bike, it is put on there to protect the engine. This is a chopper, not a racing bike. Suggestion, try starting out in second gear if you do not want to shift out that fast... Here is a mini-guide on the limits of each gear:

Q: When is the first service due and how much should I expect to pay?

A1: First service is due at 600-1000 miles and should be done in that general mileage area. This is an important service as many dealers view this as something that deals with your warranty. Make sure you get at least this first time service as the dealer makes sure that your valves are adjusted correctly. Make sure this get's done if they charge you anything over 150$!

A2: The price will vary from area to area, some dealers will offer the valve adjustment at no extra charge, but do not expect it. The price ranges anywhere from 140$ to 380$+ in certain areas, so shop around if you can.

A3: Here is a link to the service manual pages so you can adjust the valve yourself if you have the mechanical knowledge to do so:

Q: What are the intervals that I should perform maintenance on the Fury?

A: Refer to your owner's manual, page 67 & 68.

Q: What are the torque values for the Fury?

A: Refer to your Honda Fury Manual, there are several torque values located in the manual, do a search for "Torque" to find basic values for common items:

Q: Will mothers chrome polish hurt the plastichrome?

A: NO, but the cleaner has abrasives in it that could cause scratching after awhile. Also the same with Turtle Wax Chrome Polish, this cleaner can potentially scratch any type of future mod that you have that is not completely metal, such as the chromed fiberglass L&M air filter adapter.

Q: Will customizing the Fury void my warranty?

A: Every bike dealer is different; most don’t mind the minor customizing of the bike and actually support it. Some dealers will not help a customer after they start customizing certain parts, such as the engine, pipes, radiator and anything that makes the bike go basically. So, check with your local dealer about their warranty policies, both front door and back door policies to find out more.

Q: My bike is making a weird noise (ticking) from the engine area? What should I do?

A: If it’s coming from the engine area, could be the forward cover on top (loosened screw). Could also be your keys, the tool kit or internally the fuel injectors. Try to tighten the cover to alleviate the noises. Refer to gas FAQ for other answer.

Q: What is the best way to navigate

A: Active Topics or New Posts tabs at the top of the forum, under the banner.

Q: On the front of your motor,above the exhaust port, is there a small hole with threads or is there something there, it looks like something is missing, can you explain this hole?

A: The VTX and the Fury use the same heads. On a VTX there would be a hanger mount bolted there, the Fury does not use that hanger bracket, so the hole is empty.
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Q: How do I post pictures on the Fury Forums?

A: Check out this posting please:

Q: Who sells that custom speedo’s I see on people’s bikes?

A: Webslinger and Low and Mean, go to the Fury section for both vendors. Link to Webslinger here: Webslinger and Honda Fury Speedometer Face

Q: Why is my bike backfiring after I replaced the stock pipes or air intake?

A: Either your fuel to air mixture is off or vice versa, correct this with a fuel controller or it can be the pair valve, you would need to remove the pair valve and install a cover from here: VTX-Parts 1300 & 1800 Honda VTX Custom Motorcycle Parts, Pair Valve Covers, Radiator Grill Covers, Exhaust System Covers, Reed Valve Covers, Polished Stainless Steel, Polished Aluminum, Chrome to fix the issue. Get the one with the "dimples". Here is the link inside the forum so you can see the results from a Fury owner here:

Q: What do I need a fuel controller for, what parts do I have to replace to justify buying a fuel controller?

A: Here is the general consensus on this situation from the forums:

**Also refer to the pair valve/backfiring FAQ to answer this question with another solution**

1. Stock air intake, Aftermarket Pipes with baffles - No Fuel Controller Necessary.
2. Stock air intake, Aftermarket Pipes WITHOUT baffles - Need a Fuel Controller. **check this combination without a FC first to make the final determination**
3. Stock pipes, Aftermarket air intake - No Fuel Controller Necessary.
4. Aftermarket Pipes with baffles, Aftemarket air intake - Need a Fuel Controller, **check this combination without a FC first to make the final determination**
5. Aftermarket Pipes WITHOUT baffles, Aftemarket air intake - Need a Fuel Controller. **check this combination without a FC first to make the final determination**

Q: What fuel controller options are there and which one is the best?

A: Power Commander PCV, Cobra Fi2000R, Fuggin Fabrication EFI

Each controller has it's advantages and disadvantages. If you are trying to decide on which is best for you it comes down to a personal preference. Research each product, determine the level of control over the fuel system that you require, and decide on the appropriate unit. This is the best advice that can be given at this time as no one of these devices has proven to be superior over another in any way (according to riders who have installed these systems).

Q: Will the S&S intake fit on my bike with the Mayhem Pipes?

A: No, it will not, please refer here:

Q: Is there a place to find out about motorcycle events in my area?

A: Yes, please refer here: Motorcycle Events and Biker Rallies -2010 Motorcycle Events Calendar

Q: I left my motorcycle on with the lights on and now it won't start, what do I do?

A: You will have to push start your bike. It is easier to roll the bike downhill in order to start it and can be started in either 1st or 2nd gear. Also, if you have any friends around, they can help you push start your bike if there is not a hill around to use gravity to your advantage.

Q: What is the size of the gas tank and what is that light that comes on?

A: 3.38 Gallons is the size of the tank and the light signifies that you have about .78 gallons left (rough estimate, but close) before you run out of gas and also that you are in the "reserve tank". In other words, the light comes on after you have consumed 2.6 - 2.7 gallons in your tank.

Q: Which Fury Engine dress-up kit should I buy and are there any issues?

A: The part number for the Fury Engine Dressup kit is Part Number: KY-7731. Yes, there are some issue with the screw and the double sided tape used, please read this thread:

Q: Canadian buyers can save $4,000 on their purchase of a Fury?


Q: Is there a HALO kit for my fury?

A: Yes, please follow the link:

Q: Is there anything that will mess up the Auto Tune Module of the PCV?

A: Yes, the pair valve will mess up the auto tune.

Q: What is the biggest tire I can use on the stock Fury?

A: Safely, 210mm is the widest. 220mm with modified rim, read on.

A1: (***)Since this is a user made FAQ, I can honestly tell you that the 240/50/18 is the biggest size you can use on a stock Fury tire, it is a small rim, big tire combination*** but there will be minor issues with bolt and nuts not fitting that you may have to deal with. THIS is a mod to use at your own risk.(***) This will bulge out your tire, which is a safety risk and there are only currently less than 5 riders with this particular mod that are "known. YouTube - Honda Fury with the 240 Rear tire video As said in the video if you are still reading, 19mm, 14mm, for the stock 200mm tire and 13mm, 10mm for the 240mm tire. So, that will make it 210mm or so after this install.

A2: The 210mm rim will fit on the stock rim, but may look thinner than the stock tire, because of the height and general "shipped" width of the tire. If you refer to answer A3, you will see if you widen the rim, then add the 210mm tire, you will get the 209+mm tire that you are looking for.

A3: 250mm, with the Sumo-x version. This proven method to widening the tire is the Sumo-x version and looks good! But, this version will cost you $3,000+ for the WHOLE kit. You can order these in segments, which could be cheaper in the long run, determining on what you add. Here's the link: MeanCycles - HONDA - FURY 1300 - 250 FAT TIRE KIT FOR HONDA FURY and this thread here:

A4: Another method described by Low and Mean, would be that of widening the stock or aftermarket rim to a MAX of 7", the current stock rear rim is 6.25" wide. This will allow for a 240mm tire to go on to the modified stock rim, but the total affect will measure at 220mm. This is a safer version of my A1 answer. The rim widening would be through or another wheel widener and takes 4-6 weeks to do (this is do to buyer-backup, damn Harley riders). If you have the free time, try this mod out. Most it will cost you is about $850 (if you have the right connections) with the stock rim, tire and all. Link:

A5: Stock Fury rim with Sumo Fender:

Q: What is up with the excess rubber or black stuff on the engine near the seams? What can be done about it?

A: That is gasket material that did not get completely cut off during manufacturing, you can cut it off, leave it alone, but please, do not pull or scrap it off (but carefully cut it off with the razor) as this may cause harm to the engine and the gasket itself. You can use it by simply using a razor on the material to remove it. This material will not harm the engine, nor will it melt and become worse. This is more of a cosmetic item and you can also cover it up by getting the engine cover from Kuryakyn.

Q: Where can I get some of the common accessories that help out with rider comfort?

A: There is a guy who does VTX stuff, his name is Glen, check out his website as he seem's to know his stuff:

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Q: What is that hole or slot on the right side of the engine? Is it a defect?

A: No, this is known as a vent hole or an expansion hole for the engine. It is there for a reason and is on all Fury's. **Do not hit this hole with a screwdriver in order to crack open the casing, you could possible crack the engine here if you do not know what you are doing and potentially change the way the vent is supposed to work.

Q: How many miles will I possibly achieve on the stock Fury tires, or even aftermarket vendor tires?

A: Depends on your driving terrain and techniques for extending the life of your tire. Could get 15k+ out of the stock Dunlop's, but if you have a lot of flat, straight roads, you may wear your tires down faster than many other riders that more turns in their ride home everyday. One of the technique you can use to extend the life of your tire is the zig-zag technique, where you use most of your driving lane to slowly go back and forth, in order to work the sides of the tires more.
As motorcycle tires are round, most of the kinetic energy from the road is transferred to the center of the tire, thus heating it up and helps to wear down the tire faster. The zig-zag technique will transfer more kinetic energy equally around the tire. The stock Dunlop's are also a little harder as far as the rubber goes, compared to other manufacturer's, so you may get >15k+ miles out of the stock tires with the proper driving techniques.

Q: How can I tell the what number my Fury is as far as production goes?

A: Here goes, an example JH2SC610*AK000341

JH2 Make and type, Honda motorcycle Made in Japan
SC610 Vehicle desc. code VT1300CX (49 state model )
* Check number used to validate VIN
A Model Year 2010 (2009 was 9, for clarity now they will go A,B etc)
K Plant (Kumamoto, Japan)
000341 Sequential production number 341st 2010 VT1300CX (49 state model) made

There are different VDC for the diff. models, I don't have the ABS but :
SC610 49 state , model (A)
SC611 50 state, model (AC)
SC615 Matte , model (2AC)
that is how you could have 3 (4) bikes with the same last set of numbers,
The last 6 numbers are the sequential number in the production line. Next years numbers will start with 100001 (the first 1 denotes the first production year after the introduction of this model NOT 2011)

The VIN can be found on the frame of the motorcycle by the Triple tree's, both the sticker and the steel stamped version.

Q: Can I modify my baffles for a different sound?

A: Yes, check this link: Check this link:

A2: Take out the baffles, here is another helpful link to help you achieve your goal:

Q: Are there aftermarket manufacturer's putting out seats for the Fury yet?

A: Yes, there are a few of them; C&C seats, Corbin and Mean City Cycles are amoung the top choices for the Fury. Other's are coming out with seats here soon as well, such as Mustang and smaller companies.

Q: I have the OEM Sissy Bar and ordered the C&C Fast back seat or touring seat, will I have trouble with install?

A: No, just press a little more with the seat during install than you normally would on the back seat portion and it should fit nicely.

Q: What do I do with that passenger seat screw hole in the back if I ride solo?

A: You can cover it up with just about anything. This includes plastic rubber caps, spike or normal screws and whatever else will fit in the screw hole. There are a couple of good threads on this with different options, check it out here: and this one:

Q: My bike is a solo bike, without the stock passenger seat on it, is there a suction cup seat that is available?

A: Yes, one of the better ones is the Cruise Pack Suction Cup Bag / Pillion Pad, because of the extra storage if nobody is on back. Here is the link: or here: technique, where you use most of your driving lane to slowly go back and forth, in order to work the sides of the tires more.

Q: How can I find other riders in my area to ride with me on my new Fury?

A: There are a couple of ways to find other riders, first go to this link to put up your state you are from: and then go to the map to register your location:

Q: How much will I have to spend in order to make the Fury look really good or to "make it mine?"

A: Determines on your goal, make sure to have in mind what direction you want to go with it or even better, a theme you may want to go with. This may only take you less that 1K$ to get to where you want to go or even less.
But, if you want to add mostly chrome to the bike, you are looking to spend anywhere from 3k$ and up for all your accessories. Also, the paint is another determining factor, this could cost 1k$ and up. Check out this thread:

Q: What are the color codes for the Fury?

A: Check this post here please:

Q: My front brake always sounds like it rubs, is this normal?

A: Modern day motorcycles are made so that you can actually hear the brake pad there and is made to gently rub against the rotor. No worries, unless the rubbing is severe, this is a safety feature built into the motorcycle.

Q: Is there a guide on how to install the Cobra Pipes?

A: Yes, please refer here:

Q: I have the Accutronix forward controls and the instructions suck, is there a helper's guide here on the forums?

A: Yes, there is... please check out this posting:

Q: How do I remove the gasket from my heads when I replace the OEM muffler with aftermarket pipes?

A: Check out Mental's easy guide to removing gaskets:

Q: I am looking to replace the headlight assembly, what is the size of the headlight?

A: Just a little under 5 1/4", it is a metric bike after-all...

Q: Can I lower the rear end of the bike? It kind of looks like a dirt bike with the rear fender so far off of the tire!

A: Yes, there are a couple of different ways to lower the rear end of the bike, which Honda seemed to have forgotten. First off, there is the Low and Mean lowering spring, which you can find on their website. The second way to lower the bike would be to cut the spring, contact MyFuryRide or Clueless for details about this modification if you would just like to cut the spring. Third is the T-mod or Tony Mod, which is answered on the next Q & A.

Q: What is the T-mod and where can I find information on it?

A: The T-mod is a modification to the rear frame, just underneath the rear fender. It will require a little cutting and a little welding in order to complete this modification, so if you are unsure of this modification, please ask for help or get somebody more experienced with a welding torch to help you out. Also, our forum member, MyFuryRide also has experience with this and sometimes travels to different locations to help people out with it, contact him if you would like his assistance or to ask general questions.
The original concept was thought up by our own Forum Member, Tony and this is why it is called the T-mod, check it out:

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Q: What kind of air intakes can I add to my bike and do I need an adapter?

A: There are currently two manufacturers right now that do not need an adapter, one is from Cobra, the other is the Baron Big Air Kit. All others you will have to buy an adapter for it, but after that you can add any Harley 3-hole air cleaner that you can think of, so long as the hole patter is the same as the adapter (warning S&S + Mayhems will not work). The pattern that you are looking for on the air cleaner is the pattern with the single hole to the rear, 2 holes to the front about 45' off center. Pic of pattern needed, remember right side is front facing:

Q: What type of adapters are available for the air cleaner?

A: There are currently three adapters available for the Fury. The three manufacturer's that have put out adapters are Accutronix, Low and Mean and Thunder Mfg. has an adapter for the fury as well. S&S has their adapter kitted with the intake when you order theirs. Accutronix also has a throttle body cover for their system, making it a 2 part special, which can be a cheaper alternative to those on a budget.

Q: What other options do I have for the license plate, besides the current stock position now?

A: A side mounted license plate is one way to go with your plate if you do not like the current position. The new position would be on the left hand side of the bike. There are a few manufacturer's of the side mounted license plate, so check around for the style and type you are looking for.

Q: How do I remove the back license plate from the bike, the down poles that are located behind it?

A: Good post for that here:

Q: What types of windshields are currently available for the Fury?

A: There are several manufacturers for windshields on the market: Memphis Shades, the Honda OEM Boulevard Screen, National Cycle and Windvest.

Q: What types of bags are available for the Fury?

A1: Currently, since we don't have a bar system on the Fury to attach bags (unless you get the Sumo-X kit), you will need throw-over bags or the side-mounted chopper bag found here:

A2: Corbin has a line of hard bags as well now for the Fury, be sure to check out their website for more details.

Q: Is there a rake kit for the Honda Fury?

A: Yes, Low and Mean is one place to pick this part up and also with VTX-treme.

Q: While changing gears, sometimes I'll hit a floating neutral on the bike or the bike doesn't shift at all, is there something wrong with the bike?

A: First, make sure that you are not "feather footing" the clutch, always make sure to give the clutch pedal a nice firm push down with your foot and pull up with the toe.

Second, you or your dealer should try greasing up the clutch assembly, to make sure the clutch is just not sticking and is flowing right, per Honda's recommendations.

Third, if there is still an issue, make sure to bring it into the dealer (or back to them), most likely they will have to change out the lever and linkage with new parts, but after they do, you should not have any more issues with shifting.

Okay, before reading on, this issue can apply to all gears, just happens to be, that it happens to most people in 4th or 5th gear, to me, it happened in 2nd and 3rd gears and sometimes 1st and 2nd gear. Finally, read this post:

Q: What type of gas should I use in the Fury?

A: Owner's Manual says 86 octane (U.S. Rating), use as close as you can to this! DO NOT USE 91 OR 93 OR WHATEVER TYPE OF OCTANE GAS THAT YOU THINK THAT IS RIGHT FOR THE BIKE (INSIDE U.S.) , THE MANUFACTURER'S OF THIS BIKE HAVE MORE MECHANICAL KNOWLEDGE OF THIS BIKE THAN YOU DO! Facts Thread: What Octane Gas in the VTX? By Tapper - VTXOA

Australia also uses 91,95 & 98 octane (RON), so please refer to your international owner's manual for your proper octane ratings and stay as close as you can to that rating.

Q: How do I align my valves?

A: Read here:

Q: Can I or is it a good idea to start in 2nd gear when trying to get up to highway speed?

A: No, it is not necessarily a good idea to start off in 2nd gear, but it is sometimes necessary. Also, some people will like to start off in 2nd gear because of the rev limiter at 40 mph, but here is the caution: ** Starting in second will cause extra friction/wear and tear, this will also cause the pads to heat-up and wearing the friction discs unnecessarily and will lead to premature clutch failure. This should only be used sparingly and should only be thought of as a suggestion for those that do not like the low rev limiter in first gear.**

Q: How do I remove the stock grips?

A: Here is the posting for that: How to remove stock grips - VTXOA

Q: I would like to black out the engine, what is the best method to do that?

A: There are several posts on this exact issue, here are the links:

Filing and polishing engine fins: - Honda VTX forums for Honda VTX 1300 / VTX 1800 motorcycles

Q: What should I set my Fi2000r to and what are some of the possible results?

A: Please read this thread here for answers:

Q: I have some new aftermarket pipes and they seem to block my side mounted cover slightly, could this be a problem?

A: Yes, they could potentially be a problem to you in the long run, especially with the wiring harness right behind the cover. The cover guiding pin or hook on the cover will have a tendency to rub against the wiring, effectively stripping off the outer coating to this wiring harness, this is caused by having to "slide" in the cover as opposed to just putting the cover on with the OEM pipes. This will have a tendency to damage the cable and could cause starting issues in the future.

A solution to this problem would be to cut the zip tie that is holding the harness down- the zip tie that is by the shock adjust, holding the wiring harness down firmly- so that this allows the cable to move more freely when taking on or pulling off your right side battery cover. Another preventative measure besides cutting that zip tie is to cover up that wiring harness with some electrical tape or a rubber protective material of some kind, to lessen the blow of the rubbing from the cover to the harness.

Q: I would like an aftermarket sissy bar for my Fury, who makes some?

A: Yes, some of these aftermarket vendors are: Ginz Ginz Choppers Sissy Bar Products, drag specialties and anybody else that has a universal adapter to mount it onto the Fury. Please check with the forums before proceeding.

A1: Also, there is a DIY option for those looking to make a mount for their bike, check out this post here:

Q: I would like to get rid of the annoying problem of forgetting to turn off my blinker, is there a way around it?

A: Yes, check out this website and order the SM-3 module from them: and this thread here:

Q: Who makes some risers for the Fury?

A: Cannella, Scootworks and VTX-treme all make risers for the Fury.

Q: I need advice for a long road trip, do you have a member that can give some?

A: Yes, Stickman did a 6,455 mile road trip, this is what he had to say:

For the whole post, look here:

Q: Who currently makes spoilers for the Fury?

A: Three manufacturer's currently make spoilers for the Fury:
OEM Honda
Low and Mean

Q: I am looking for a consealable garage door opener for the Fury, where can I get one and do they work?

A: Check out these two threads for your answers:

Q: Is there a big bore kit for the Fury and how much HP will I gain?

A: Yes, there is, check out this link here for details: Store

A1: You will most likely gain around 15-20 HP from this kit. That is alongside the air filter, new pipes and also a fuel controller.

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Q: If I have a new(er) rear fender, from L&M or another manufacturer, can I put LED's in it and is there a guide or walk-through to help me out?

A: Yes, there is a forum member that has put together a guide, check out this link:

Q: I want to take off of my fuel tank, are there any pointers?

A: Yes
1. First, try to get as much of the fuel out of the tank first either by riding it around till the light comes on or by draining it as this will help reduce the weight of the tank for the next step.

2. Remove the seat.
3. Remove the bolt that is closest to the rider's seat.
4. Pull the tank back off of where it is clipped on the front of the frame. (it may stick a little if it has been sitting there for awhile, but pull gently back and it will eventually break loose)
5. Move the tank to the side of the bike gently and face the front of the tank (the big end) toward the ground to allow the fuel to drain to the front of the tank. Make sure your cap is still on the tank while doing this as you do not want to drain gasoline everywhere.
6. Mark with a pen or paint pen which line goes where and which wire goes where on the bottom of the tank or on the connections themselves, as to not forget to where each line and wire goes.
7. While holding the tank or propping it up with a chair, a helper or your knee, remove the cables and fuel tubes that are attached to it.
8. Move the gas tank to a safe place, keeping in mind that there is still gas in the tank. I.E. keep the big end facing downwards.
9. Put a bag over the fuel tubes and secure it with some zip ties, in order to make sure nothing gets into the fuel tubes. Also, secure the wires to make sure that they are not snagged on anything while the tank is off.
10. Empty out the gas from the tank into a gas into a gas container.

Q: Is there a way to modify the stock seat to get rid of the lip that is on the front of the seat?

A: Yes, please refer to these instructions here by MyFuryRide:

Q: I have a matte silver Fury (or a rim you want to add a strip too)a nd want to cover up the red strip on the rim (or add a strip), what can I do?

A: Check out this post for the simple solution:

Q: Is there more information concerning the Cobra Fi2000R Fuel Controller to help me adjust the settings for fine tuning?

A: Yes, read on (Originally posted by Jnukes):

Cobra Fi2000R Fuel Controller

Your Cobra Fi2000R fuel injection module has been tested and preset for best function and rideabilty on a motorcycle with aftermarket aircleaner, Cobra exhaust, and no download, (ECU Flash.) The Fi2000R does however, have 3 important adjustments that allow you to tune the module for optimum performance, especially if you have performed other changes to your motorcycle. These adjustments also allow you to resolve drivability issues if our stock settings are
not exactly right for your bike. Make sure your motorcycle is up to normal operating temperature(15 minutes of riding should be sufficient) before making any adjustments.

Remove the door to expose the pots shown in Figure 3.

GREEN LED POT (left pot) - this adjustment affects idle and cruise fuel. If you have cruising issues, this is where you would try a different setting. Generally, surging and uneven running while
cruising is a lean fuel condition, so try adding a small increase in fuel by turning the adjustment clockwise with a small flat blade screwdriver a 1/2 of a position.

Test-drive the bike to feel an improvement and only increase the setting until the surge goes away. Also, backfiring or popping
on trailing throttle is generally a lean symptom (or an exhaust gasket leak). Try the same small increases as above just until the backfiring goes away.

YELLOW LED POT (middle pot) - this adjustment affects acceleration and power fuel. If you have a hesitation or bogging on acceleration, this is where you would try a different setting. Aftermarket air cleaner assemblies generally lean out fuel mixtures, so try small clockwise increases as above until a smooth acceleration returns.

RED LED POT (right pot) - this adjustment is the top end or power fuel adjustment. Just like the main jet in a carburetor, it starts to control fuel as you demand maximum power from your bike and takes over completely above 4000 R.P.M. As performance gains are added to your motorcycle, such as big bore kits, camshafts, flowed cylinder heads, etc., each component will increase the fuel demand of the system.

With the red pot turned to its maximum (10) position, the Fi2000 will cope with nearly 100 R.W. horsepower. An all-stock motor will only require a 2 position. You can generally, if you are using quality performance engine upgrades, in a sensible combination equate the numbers evenly from 2 up to 10 based on horsepower gains.

Typically 2 into 1 or our speedster exhaust system require one additional position, on the yellow and red pots, over slip-ons or staggered duals.

On high performance motors, slip-on mufflers do not flow well enough and create fuel setting problems and detonation. Cobra recommends the installation of any of its complete exhaust

Q: How do you change out the radiator fluid in the Fury?

A Courtesy of Clueless: The easiest way is to take it to the dealer, here is how I do them: Place a drain pan under the water pump housing. Remove the plug/sealing washer from the water pump housing (located under the left side just in front of the side stand) it will be the lower bolt on the pump housing, a little coolant will come out. Remove the ignition switch cover and housing, the chrome one then the black part, remove the radiator cap and the coolant will come out the drain hole, splashing all over you , the bike, and the floor, some will go into the drain pan. I place shop towels in front of the drain to prevent this. If you want to flush it, pour distilled water in the radiator and allow it to flow out the bottom. Remove the left rear engine cover, pull the hose off the res tank and allow it to drain, replace hose and fill to lower mark. Replace the plug (Honda says to use a new washer), refill radiator with 50/50 mix of coolant, if you want to use other than Honda, MAKE SURE IT IS SILICA FREE. start the bike , let it warm up and blip the throttle once or twice, to purge air trapped, top off and shut off, put ignition covers and side covers back on, after your next ride check coolant tank. If you caught most of the coolant, measure how much came out and replace the same amount. Also some, myself include occasionally, will just remove the lower radiator hose instead of draining thru the water pump.

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Reserved for more space if needed.Will delete later if not needed... Please PM me for questions or concerns...

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on the colors, the new black and red fury is actually a matte black. Then there is a gloss (clear coated) black also.
I will get it changed this weekend, work on the FAQ and update it a little bit more, thanks for the update!
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