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First time posting in this forum, and I saw the sub-forum rules saying no shadetree mechanics, but, here it is, I'm going to shoot my shot.

I made a 4 minute video and created a 1000+ word walkthrough showing people how to change the final drive fluid (shaft drive fluid) on the Fury.
It's a quick 5 step job. I follow the steps in Honda's own service manual and give all details including torque specs.

The full write up is here: How To: Honda Fury Shaft Drive Oil Change / Final Gear Oil Change - YouMotorcycle
The full video is here:

It's part of a three part series I have coming up on Fury maintenance including oil and filter change, and brake fluid flushing. Basically a customer paid me to service his bike so I went ahead and documented it. Hope some may find this helpful and others may find this not violating any rules. If it does, feel free to delete it.
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