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These are my understandings of why Honda designed the Fury as it is and why they don't necessarily want to change it:

Honda used a dual-pin crank on the 1800cc engine to reduce vibrational stress, and even then things broke too easily--it's "too much power" for a V-twin. Harley (and years back Buell) keeps re-discovering this. While Honda could use a de-tuned 1800 single-pin engine the only real advantage would be sound, and at the cost of additional weight, heat, higher center of gravity, and lowered fuel economy. Honda basically said, "Let's shove the most powerful engine we can in there," which is how the World's most advanced single-pin V-twin was created (at least considering the usage), and that's what we have today.

The rear's that Japanese practicality. The travel relates to the weight capacity not being as dynamic as Harley, but there's a lot that goes into that. The width is to give the appearance of a more stout rear end and keep water the wide 200 can throw off of the riders.

The analogue speedo is reliable, somewhat inexpensive, and fits the minimalist style of a chopper.

There's an optional chin scoop available, but Honda is trying to hide the radiator.

The current headlight casts a phoenix pattern on the ground (there's a thread on that), LEDs do not. It is unique and we'd lose that.

Anything wider than a 200 rear affects turning, Harley ran into that issue also. The solution is to fatten up the front wheel, but that negates the chopper look.

There's not enough torque to drive a transmission at lower RPM, which is why there's not a six-speed. Honda makes power through a square configuration, where as Harley makes a lot of torque with its long stroke but that falls off quickly with RPM. Honda has the optimal balance of torque (partially due to gearing) and power with its design, causing the engine to work less and last longer.

The turn signals, brake light, and horn are constrained by various government regulations, so Honda does the best it can. Harley has a bunch of patents on the push-button turn signals, so...

The seat is really comfortable if a person has a lot of muscle in their butt, and it looks good. (But yes, almost every American and 3 decent sized Australians hate it.)

Keyless start uses a fair amount of battery power the Fury doesn't have.


BUT, that doesn't mean you can't change it. As several people here found out, if the local police "don't like change" they'll make you put it back to bone-stock, so be nice to them and reasonable when in public. If you live in a totalitarian regime, all bets are off. I live in Milwaukee (home of Harley-Davidson) and police generally leave bikers alone if they have no reason not to (meaning treat everyone with respect and don't crack your pipes off at 2AM).

Honda did recently update the Goldwing (then fixed the things that they kind of messed up on), and I think that money-spending cycle is done. Before that the African Twin and Honda's Dual-Clutch Transmission got a lot of love, and before that their superbikes, so that could leave the Fury sitting there looking pretty when it comes to updates. However, why sink the money into new tooling and fixtures for a low-sales-volume bike during a recession and possible World depression when the sales figures have stayed fairly steady year-over-year? If you've got a winner, stick with it! And when considering parts availability it makes sense; Honda has updated things that needed improvement, so we have a very reliable and reasonably priced hidden gem of a bike.

As a note, the economy has taken a toll on motorcycle dealerships, so if you can show them some love and buy Honda oil and filters there--generally it's a great deal (depending on your dealer). We just had a fantastic one close up here, which is kind of a problem.

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The seat is really comfortable if a person has a lot of muscle in their butt, and it looks good. (But yes, almost every American and 3 decent sized Australians hate it.) I'm glad I read that line when I wasn't drinking a coffee or it may have splattered all over my Macbook Pro.

You're correct about oil and filters being a good deal at your local Honda dealer. I get 4 litres of Honda oil from my local Honda dealer for a lot less than buying anything from an auto parts store such as SuperCheap Auto, Repco & Auto 1.

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While we're on the topic of Australia:
I grew up on a dirt farm miles from anywhere in QLD, little water & no electricity. You made your own fun which often ended up with catching snakes. I was 11 & had a 2 foot brown by the tail one day & of course eventually my dice roll came up. Long way to a hospital & a couple of rough days followed. It was only that he got me on a boney part of my finger & barely got any venom in that I’m still about now.

They were literally everywhere. You lifted something & it had a snake or 2 under it. A decent bite from a brown & untreated you have literally 30 mins before the violins start. Not good as you might be working on the farm several miles from the house

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What is more outstanding than the unusual colour is the amazing Base MSRP of $11,449!
It's been many years since Honda stopped importing the Fury to the UK. There are a few 'left overs' in dealers (with delivery miles on the clock) who want circa $16,000 for them!
These bikes are getting increasingly rarer, sure you can find one on ebay but consider this: A new one is sub $11k, and the used ones that are over ten years old are going for $6-7k! Try 3k depreciation on any harley after you've driven it off the lot. Not happening, Both my Harley's I sold I took huge losses on.

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I have been making a list lately of what I love on other bikes. I would pay more if Honda would adopt the following:
Metal instead of plastic covers and real chrome. How often have you just hoped the cover comes off without breaking a tab?

Chrome wheels

Larger motor with lower rear gear. This would mitigate the need for a 6speed, keeping costs lower.

Wider rear tire

Comfy seat
Better integrated speedo (fuel gage- could be small digital).

I feel like Honda could do those things for a few grand, and would make the bike decidedly better.
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