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Everyone seems to have overlooked posting the most impressive v-twins at the expo:
:D:D:D:D, nice V-twin stone,,,I agree would like to test drive them,,My step dad saw the picks of my bike today and was like is that a Harley,,i Laughed,,,I said nope,,its the only type of Bike Ill ever own,,Thanks Honda,,,I making Hats and T-shirts that say,,,," I OWN A HONDA,,, SO" lol I wear a Harley Baseball cap to Bike nites,,,Harley guys give me shit I said Its the only thing from Harley I can afford and I got it for free,,,lmao,,and its maintenance free like my bike, so KMA<,, Heres something for them,,,IT IS WHAT IT IS<<<Better Men ride Better Bikes,,,and I know there are women riders so Better women ride what better men ride,,lmao:D:D:D:D
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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