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I didn't find exactly the info I was looking for when searching, so I am posting my experience in case it might help someone else in the future.

I am a rock-stock, OEM-only guy. No mods, and I will keep my beloved reflectors forever. Hey, it takes all kinds. So, I wanted an OEM cover with my Honda logo on it, mostly for dust and scratch protection in the garage about December-February. The OEM cover I had used on my Shadow for 12 years lasted really well. My Fury is a 2019 ABS, by the way.

At first, I thought that OEM covers were no longer available, because in the build-your-bike section at no cover was listed with the accessories, and a few other sources showed nothing. However, eventually I found a listing in the 2018 accessory catalog here:

for part number 0SP34-MFR-301, which I found and ordered at for about $102.00.

They eventually changed my order to part number 08P34-MFR-200 and shipped it.

When the 08P34-MFR-200 arrived I was a little concerned. It is labeled as size XXXL (the Gold Wing cover is XL!). However, it fits and looks great. I'm very pleased with it.

If these part numbers are indeed equivalent, then they are both recommendable covers. If anyone has the 301 and can confirm, that would be great.

Yes, OEM stuff costs more, but if you're into that like me, then it is a good purchase.
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