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When I stop to get gas and go to restart my bike, my battery sounds like it has barely enough juice to turn the motor over. Is this do to increased compression from heat? This is not a one time occurrance. Does anyone else experience this?
I have experienced it too... I related my issues to lazy thumb & not wanting to overkill the starter... :D Also, having 7300 miles on my bike already... need to go get the spark plugs checked anyways...

I have also asked a Honda tech about this, he said that they actually made the Honda start very smoothly when they first made it, but to give it a more rustic feel... They did something? to it to make it start a little rough sometimes.

There are other various theories to this... but, so long as it starts... meh, I'm fine with it :D

My main issue has been my foot shifter lately sticking on the downshift... But, my warranty is going to handle that tomorrow :cool:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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