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How many owners in Illinois

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How many FURY owners are there in Illinois,what city do you live in and where did you buy your bike and what color? I live in Pekin and got my bike in Peoria at Grayboys,it is blue and the first one they sold.Sportland in Bloomington also got the blue in a few days earlier.Also have you made any changes to your bike,I have added the Tribal seats.
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I live in dublin,ohio I bought my matte silver fury at honda powersports of marysville.
Live 15 min west of Chicago, Otto Brothers in Lyons. Dark Red. Waiting for the back rest and bar to come in.
Live 20 minutes west of Chicago, bought it at DGY and burgandy. I added the spoiler, sissy bar and padded backrest.
Does this mean there are two burgandy's 5 min apart??
Chicago is a big city,I am sure you guys are turning heads.Has anyone ordered any vanity plates? If so what was your request.
I have not ordered vanities yet not sure what to get...
Its been 2 weeks since I applied for mine,FURY 1, hopefully thats what they send me.Hey Scratch and VBaller,I heard that Honda has a warehouse in Chicago and the Fury is shipped out of there,have you heard about or seen this warehouse?
Hey guys,
I got a burgandy Fury at Northwest Honda. The first one they received. They got it on a tuesday, I bought it on saturday.
I live in Wauconda.
Sorry Fury 1, heard about it from my dealer. but have not seen it.
I haven't seen or even heard about this warehouse.

Motorv - Congrats on the bike!
Motorv78, Do you mean Honda Northwest in Crystal Lake?
I bought my blue Fury there two weeks ago. I'm in Hainesville Il. Thats between Round Lake, and Grays Lake. I'm sure to see you on the road.
Illinois plates: FURY 1
Burbank IL, limited edition matte silver, the zone honda in Chicago.
I live in Southern Illinois, about 45 minutes north-east of Carbondale (SIUC). Bought my burgundy Fury at SI motorsports in Carbondale. Just the backrest and pad right now. Pipes soon, then grips, mirrors, etc..
South Side Chicago by Midway Airport. '10 Fury SE getting delivered to me 9/4/09.
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