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How to paint the side covers?

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do I just take them off and spray them with primer and Matte color paint? any other steps? Is this something I should DIY or have them painted by a painter? (BTW i suck at spray painting anything)

Where to buy paint? Color Rite?
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Search Painters posts he has detailed instructions...:D
Well like Sea Dawg said unsername: Painter has done some posts on how to paint some stuff, don't think I seen a post on painting side covers though. I think what you are going to want to do is rough up the side covers with a scotchbright pad, primer, lightly sand, primer, spray paint <whatever color your painting them> lightly sand, and keep sanding and painting until you are satisfied with how they turn out. I don't know if I am going to do this or not, I'm debating it myself, but those are the steps I'm going to use.
its not super hard sand down (600 grit) spray some adhesion promoter, primer (high-yeild), then paint/clear buff out
thanks guys, im still debating on if i should do this myself or not..
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