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Wherever it is you want to insert a picture, put your cursor there and press/tap this button:

A box shows up, you can drag&drop a picture into that box from a file explorer:

If you're on a mobile device (phone), tap inside the box to open a file explorer, then browse around your device for your picture (usually under a group called Recent Images). Click the image and it should stick itself into your post at full size:

You can, if you want, delete the image, scroll down, and insert it as a thumbnail (see below), which is small image that can be clicked, and if clicked will show a large image:

Here's the result:
Vehicle Land vehicle Hand Car Muscle


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There's another way to insert images:

Sky Font Magenta Circle Darkness

Select the file:
Product Rectangle Azure Font Screenshot

And at any point you can move the cursor to where you want the image or images to be put, along with how large you want them (Thumbnail or Full Image). Here's what inserting a Full Image named 03.png looks like:

Font Rectangle Technology Software Parallel

This allows for uploading a batch of files at once and sticking them where you want them once they make it.

The other feature is you can remove the picture from your post by selecting it and hitting Delete, without deleting the file from FuryForums. This allows you to stick it somewhere else by inserting the image like you did previously. Note that if you scroll down to the list of images and hit Delete it removes the file and the image from your post, not your phone/laptop/other, so you can edit and/or re-attach the image (although in my case with living in a trailer park, the Before and After don't change tremendously).

Forehead Nose Cheek Lip Chin

Forehead Nose Smile Cheek Skin
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