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It's a 2010 model with 8,100 miles. It has been garage kept and maintenance done constantly. It now has 2 brand new tires, new brakes , new air filter, new spark plugs , new oil change. Except for a few very tiny marks it is like showroom condition. I ride like I was an old lady mainly because I'm 72 years old and I just don't have riding fast in me anymore. The bike is just getting too heavy for me to handle anymore and someone s View attachment 244745 View attachment 244746 View attachment 244747 hould be able to enjoy this bike like it should be.
It has never gone over 70 miles an hour.
I'd like opinions on whether asking $7000 for it would be too much?
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I agree on the $5k price range. As for age, I’m 68 with a rusty knee. Riding my Fury makes me feel 38, and I love the sound going thru the gears, on a sunny day. Took it up to 90mph for the first time about a month ago- just because I could. The selfish part of me likes to be noticed when I’m riding my beauty, even if it’s just going out to my wife’s stable- where she rides her horse. Do what works for you, but agree- not to be too quick to sell that bad boy. Mine keeps me company even when just parked in the garage. It was my retirement gift to myself a year and a half ago, and I deserved it- ha! God bless everyone on the road out there. 👌😀🤛🏻
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