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Post: Big Dog Pictures
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I owned a Blue Fury. I liked it. It wasn't EXACTLY what I was looking for but it was a very nice bike. With the modifications I wanted done to the Fury I would have actually spent more than I did for the Big Dog. It's no secret, I payed 18,900 for the Big Dog brand new with a full factory warranty. I challenge anybody to get a Fury to the same specs for that price. However, I'm not advocating that the Big Dog is a better purchase for anybody other than myself. I would have spent thousands of dollars in modifications to get it where I wanted it. That may be fine for some but that is actually much less wife friendly for me than just buying the bike I want with MOST of the stuff I want included.

Dude, what are you still doing on this Forum??? Starting threads called"pictures of my Big Dog". Is it that you miss your Fury, or trying to show off, or ???? I don't know, I just can't figure it out..."CHALLENGE ANYONE"...why do you even care....isn't there a forum where you discuss your precious new ride.... i'm sure o.c.c. or w.c.c. or jesse james or bourget bike works would be drooling all over your bike huh???:p
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