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Pretty cool... thanks for the link.

Now.... about this "Prospect" status....

When are you getting patched in? Lol
A.S.A.P.... The pipe set me back a bit ;), but I am going to remove my stock shock, and do the 1 1/4 to 1 1/2 coil removal, so hopeful that will suffice so as not to spend any coin on a spring! Seriously $200.00 for a spring? Any other bike I have owned you could buy a set of complete shocks for $200.00... I bet we could find a shock "complete" with proper spring rate etc... For the tune of $100.00 or less... Possibly Monroe, or something...

I also want to do the T-Mod, but not sure if a 110V mig would do the trick? I have a Hobart handler 110V mig welder, but do not want to risk it not holding as my nephew rides my scoot on occasion, I also take my niece out on it once in awhile and the occasional lady friend... Anyone in the Akron, or Canton, OH area doing the T-Mod? :D Also going to bring my air cleaner in as soon as I mail out my ECU... I have a mod planned for that as well.

P.s. Thank you for all the detailed info, work on the ECU re-flash! Cannot wait to hear my new pipe with the low idle :cool: I am especially excited to see how the additional low end grunt performs!
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