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Been driving Azzkicker Choppers and Harley's over the Summer and I have to say that I'm impressed at what Honda has revealed in the Fury and I'm looking forward to possibly buying one and hearing from all of you that own one and maybe doing some riding together in the very near future.

Drop by and say Hi and know that the hand of friendship is always extended to those of you that are Fun and Exciting people to know.

Find me on Facebook, You Tube,, and Myspace just by searching " Jay Simons " or "The Funologist"

Looking forward to meeting you all at one point or another.

Jay "The Funologist"

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Welcome Neighbor...

Hey Jay, I hope you take the plunge. BC is a bit odd in their distribution of the Fury. Since last I heard Nanaimo, Prince George, Fort St. John, Salmon Arm (and Calgary in AB) have the only authorized Powersports dealers in the province. Vancouver, where half the province lives, is not on the map yet so your nearest dealer is 4 hours away! I expect that will change if Honda wants sales. There is a dealer in Courtney on the Island who has brought at least one US model in through a broker in Vancouver. It went to Cyclehog77 in Surrey, BC. Your best bet will be to import through a US dealer. Your closest is Al's Honda, 2336 James St., Bellingham, WA only 50 miles away. Some US dealers are discounting up to $2000 but even retail @ $13K is almost $3K less than Canadian dealers with our $ close to par. Let us know how you make out and don't be a stranger if you find yourself riding a Fury on the Island !!!
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