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Just put on cobra swept

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Just got through installing them and I think i did ok. I do have a few questions though. How do i know i did it right? They do seem to heat up quicker then the factory. Ran them down the road and back and they sound good, can't hear any unusual noises where they connect to the engine. If they sealed wrong what would I need to look for? Also getting a heated metal smell, but i was guessing maybe its a new pipe smell.

Please correct me if i am wrong and also any tips on what to look for to make sure i did it right. My first time with something like this.

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Best thing is get a long lighter, like for fireplaces or fireplace matches and see if the flame is disturbed at the head, checking for leaks. If nothing is leaking then recheck all nuts and bolts in 100 miles. Keep an eye on for any bluing or yellowing. What kind of pipes and are they chrome or black. Did you wipe all fingerprints off before fireing up and torque bolts and did you use new gaskets?
Thanks mental, just checked. And i do get a flame movement on the front but not the rear. I cleaned them and replaced the gaskets. Tomorrow ill remove the shield and recheck the front acorns.
You should loosen the front pipe at the mount first to allow ajustment, do acorns, check, then finish up. Recheck after first ride and at 100. Good Luck!
took the front off and you see it was leaking on the left side. Reattached being very careful to tighten both sides at same rate. Passed flame test. Took it out for about 20 miles and no problems. Test and check again at 100. Thanks again Mental.
just wait until you remove the baffles. Its going to be load and fun. By the way did you remove the pair valve. Is there any poppping? If so look at post (removing pair valve).
Did not remove the valve. but she sounds great. There is the occasional pop when slowing but its not bad.
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