Recently removed a gently used K&N Blackhawk intake from my 2016 Sierra (71-3082). This filter is their dry synthetic, so doesn't require oil. It's been recently cleaned, and is in very good condition. Will include my spray bottle of cleaner as well (has about 24oz left in the 32oz spray bottle). Comes with everything you need to hook it up AND maintain it for years. K&N does not include hose clamps for the crankcase hoses and I didn't need any when I ran this on my truck, but I happen to have 4 spares that I'll toss in just in case you want some peace of mind there.

One nice little upgrade is that I replaced the cheap plastic hose barbs for crankcase vacuum with stainless steel, so they don't break (common complaint with this intake).

This is for 2014-19 Silverado/Sierra and 2015-20 Yukon/Suburban/Tahoe/Escalade w/ 5.3L or 6.2L Gas. You can always check the official K&N product page for the full vehicle compatibility listing.

Price includes shipping to lower 48 US.