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Kuryakyn Engine Covers Installed

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I couldn't find a post to piggyback on, so I'm starting a new one... I just installed these today. I think it really cleaned up the look of the plain engine covers :cool:

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Nice,They do look much better, sweet forward controls tooo! Where did you get them, I'm afraid to ask how much, I looked at a few and the manufactors must make em out of gold??? Real Pricey
The forward controls are the tribal themed controls from Accutronix. Fortunetly, this bike was the R&D bike for their measurements so I got a free set ;) They are a extremely good build quality, and they look great. If we ever get my wife a Fury, I will be going back to them for another set ;)
Nice job, I put those on my VTX acouple of years ago, they still look great. I was worried when I put them on they might not stay, but Kury must use some good d/s tape.
Looks good man!, I wish ALL of their forward controls were available in the "night series"

Could you post the link where you bought them? Are they made for the VTX 1300?
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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