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I just installed the Triple Whammy Run-Turn-Brake conversion kit:

Kryakyn - Metric - Triple Whammy? Run-Turn-Brake Light Kit
Model #4604

I am impressed with this kit. This kit converts the rear amber turn signals into red running lights and brake lights, but doesn't affect the turn signal function. I like this kit because it includes the deep dish bezels and lenses for the rear lollipops. Not bad for about $100. The install took a little while, but wasn't too difficult. The connectors that came with the kit fit the stock turn signal connectors, but the tail/brake light connectors were different so I had to strip the wires and add my own connectors (Pic #3). The only other issue that I ran into was making the controller fit into the small space above the taillight. The stock plastic piece where the taillight attaches had a raised bump that didn't allow the controller to lay flat. I had to cut out the raised section and replace it with a flat piece of plastic (Pic #4). I zip-tied everything to hold it all securely in place (Pic #5). I chose to use "flash-mode", which flashes the brake lights 3 times whenever I hit the brakes. I'll try and post a video of it in action.

In short, get this kit if you want to add some extra light behind you and you don't mind doing some easy electrical work. If electrical isn't your thing, wait for Kuryakyn to make a model that is completely plug-n-play for the Fury.

Pic #1 - Stock connectors
Pic #2 - Everything that came with the kit
Pic #3 - The connectors I added for the tail/brake light
Pic #4 - The flat piece of plastic I used to flatten out the space above the taillight
Pic #5 - Fully installed with fender still removed


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Looks great and nice job detailing the installation. The video of the finished product was a nice added touch. We should make that a requirement around here for everyone’s mods. :) You just set the bar a little higher!
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