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Legible Speedo

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Man that is a cool looking design Gar. I think Honda may have some interest in changing their stock faceplate after seeing this. Nice job!
Nice Job Gar very clear and bright! I got mine done in KM/H the lights don't show through as well as the stock, but it still works well at night.


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Very it. I prefer just mph too. :)
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very nice gar
Thanks for posting it up Gar.Really like it.
I think this will solve my issue with the stock faceplate. When lit up will it be the same color as stock? I like it and think its worth a shot for me. Im sold good job!
There are two ways to go with these dials: dark face with light numbers or mine with black-out applied to the back side in areas that you don't want illuminated. I will probably do a more comprehensive backside black-out eventually even though I rarely, if ever, ride at night.

The stock face plate, in spite of its questionable graphics, is a very sophisticated piece of laminate that redirects light in totally mysterious ways. Not something easily duplicated :(. The Websiinger 'Poly Film' is uniformly translucent with uniform colors, more so with lighter colors.[/QUOTE]

I worked in Aircraft Instrumentation for 15 years and when I recondition dials due to back lighting issues I had to Black out what wasn't being illuminated and on some dials it was easy. I would just use pin striping tape or even pin striping you get from the auto parts store on areas to be illuminated and paint the back of the dial black and on white faced dials were painted with white paint before it was painted black then remove the pin striping tape and those areas are now the only areas to be illuminated. funny thing is most of the paint we used was water based MIL Spec (exterior house) paint so not to have an bad reaction with the dial paint or the material that the dial is painted on, beleave me the wrong paint can act like paint stripper (did that once) so be carefull if you use paint
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That really looks cool Gar.:cool: Looks like you are putting some miles on her!! When shall we expect a review of the ABS?
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