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Loaded Blue Fury For Sale in SW Ohio

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Been struggling financially since I lost my job. FOR SALE is my 2010 Honda Fury. The bike is blue and has only 400 miles. The bike has been absolutely pampered, garage kept, and never in the rain. The bike is in showroom condition. The bike has the following extras:

1> Kuryakyn Zombie Pegs - front & rear
2> Kuryakyn Zombie Levers
3> Kuryakyn Scythe Mirrors
4> Honda Billett Clutch, Timing, and Master Cylinder Chrome Covers
5> Honda Billett Oil Dipstick and Fork Nut Covers
6> Honda Custom 'Vector' Rider and Passenger Seats
7> Honda SS Braided Throttle and Clutch Cables
8> Spiegler SS Braided Brake Lines (front & rear) with Chrome Banjos

This is a $14,500.00 FURY that is a SHOW STOPPER. Asking $11900.00 OBO. Serious offers welcome. *Please note that the pics don't show the SS braided lines and Zombie levers- those were just installed this weekend. And I also removed the ugly warning stickers and reflectors as well. I can e-mail additional pics if you want, or there are several more posted on this forum.

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Man, it sucks that you have to get rid of it. Throw it on ebay. With that much done to it, you should sell it quick.
I was looking forward to getting a black one and prices are starting to drop in my area.The big issue is distance I would have to travel,so if you could let me know how fare you are from pittsburgh as I am located about 50 miles east of pittsburgh.
Send me your e-mail address or preferably your phone # and I will contact you.
[email protected]
I am about 3 and 1/2 hrs from Pitt. Would prob be about 4 hr drive. I could come your way a bit to help out.
At $11,400 - I am at rock bottom. The Fury is in showroom condition and I have most of the stock parts as well.

Pending SALE as of 08/02/09.
were you able to sell it?
were you able to sell it?
Yes he did, I'm the proud new owner. He did a great job on this bike.:)
Yes he did, I'm the proud new owner. He did a great job on this bike.:)
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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