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long trip

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I am planning on a long trip this Aug. My wife and I will be driving my truck to WV to visit family. I plan on hauling my Fury back there to do some riding on some great roads. On the way back we are going to New Orleans where my wife will be staying with our son. I plan on riding my Fury back to Bakersfield CA from New Orleans. Does anyone have any suggestions for the trip? This is the first time I will ride this far in one trip, about 2000 miles, so any help will be appreciated.
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That is one long ride on a Fury..:eek:..hope you have one of them good seats....;)
I've made that trip a couple of years ago and plan on doing a similar one this year.

From the Big Easy, I headed west on I-10, north to I-20 to Dallas I beleive and from there up to I-40 west through OK, NM, AZ, NV. I went down the ET Hwy north of Las Vegas and came out at Tonepa, NV.... I want to think Bakersfield was close to Barstow without looking at a map.

I think you'll be able to make that ride but be sure to get fuel often and make sure you're not looking for it after dark due to the stores closing. ... oh and what Sea Dawg said, invest in a good seat!!!!
.. and you will want to get a CCP and pack on that ride... are you traveling alone? I did.
I assume you're taking I-10 all the way?...

That'll be one LONG & HOT ride in Aug. Take plenty of sunblock and drink LOTS of water.
i remember a couple of long stretches between gas stations on that ride.been quite a few years but think about srape gas.ride safe
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