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Nice ride only watch cross winds!

Rode for 180 miles when i bought it... I now average 120 miles between refuel. Been riding for 22 years longest ride was from San Antonio to Chicago!!

This is not a starter bike and you cant get to lazy or relaxed its to light in steering to chill.

Over all the ride for 3 hour was good and I could have road another hour!

Only experienced slight wind wobble at 80 mph. Wont go faster watch for high winds/ only passing crazy ass car drivers doing 78 in the slow lane.

I still have my Vmax and wont even touch it now I have my Fury !!
The Vmax will send spike jolts up your spine after 100 miles and you will be doing yoga breathing on a ruff road so in closing the Fury has a better ride than the Vmax...
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