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Hey guys, So i have a factory two up seat with the small sissy bar with pad. I love the look and comfort. My son loves riding with me and i though it would be fun to do some motorcycle camping next year with him.
I have through over saddle bags from my other bike, but i dont want to drop a bag on the fender, strapped to the sissy bar and mess the fender up.
Anyone ever make a removable luggage rack for the back of the stock sissy bar? then i can have a bag go on the back and hold a bit more gear.
We have the micro tent/sleeping bags and such already, but gear for two with food and cooking equipment and a change of clothes etc is going to fill the saddle bags up in a hurry.
would be nice to be able to do two nights somewhere...give a day to ride some place new, a full day to ride around that area and a day to come home.
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