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Hi, all!

I purchased my bike 10 days ago and have put on 1100 miles. Have taken her in for her 600 mile check up, oil change, and valve adjustments (valves were tight).

So far, I fill her up to the bottom of the gas cap neck. The low fuel light comes on at 130 miles. It takes 2.7 gallons to fill her back up to the neck. This is very consistent. I use 83 octane.

She runs great. My only problem has been the weather here in on Boston's Northshore. The days of rain have cut into my riding time.

One thing of note: I purchased a bag to stick on the back of the bike. The straps used to tie the bag down wore the matte finish off in two spots. The lack of a clear coat makes any continued contact with the finish a problem. I was able to find the paint and will have someone spray the spots for me so not a super big deal. It just hurt to see the marks on a new bike. Be careful what you have rubbing on your paint if you have the LE silver matte finish. has the paint if you run into the same problem.

For those of you reading this who are on Boston's Northshore or are not afraid to drive, you must go see the team at Cycles! 128 in Beverly. The sales manager, Keith Pemberton, and his team treat you like gold. They work hard to find you your bike and do everything they can to make your purchase as pleasant as they can. In fact, my brother just purchased a VTX1300C from them and they could not do enough for him. A dealership in a class all its own.

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Thanks for the link to the paint. I needed some for a project I'm working on :cool:
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