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These are the official design drawings of the new Honda Fury custom bike set to be launched in January at the New York motorcycle show.

The subject of endless internet speculation, the Fury is Honda's first attempt at an all-out custom bike in the “American Chopper” mould, designed to go head-to-head with bikes like Harley Davidson's Rocker and Yamaha's Raider in the American market. But despite promises made at the American Honda dealer meeting in November, where dealers were teased with a partial picture of the bike, that it would “shake up the industry as never before” the reality is a relatively straightforward chopper.

Honda's dealers came out of the meeting with the impression the Fury would be a radical departure from the cruiser norm, sparking rumours of hybrid drive systems, automatic gearboxes and all-new engines. But these pictures clearly reveal it features a version of the current 1312cc VTX1300 water-cooled V-twin engine, while leaked specs reveal it's allied to a conventional five-speed gearbox.

The only significant engine update is the addition of fuel injection, a step that's long been expected on the VTX1300 to ensure it keeps in pace with the latest emissions regulations.

Fury Technology article from MCN

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