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Love that golf course!
Didn't even know it was there, but now that I do I'm gonna check it out. Which course is the best? Saw they had a couple different ones online.
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I am attempting to map all of the current forum members. When you first click the link it is going to be a giant mess of avatars. If you zoom into your state level and below is when I was thinking this would be really useful.

Here is what we have so far.

Here is the info that I was hoping to map:
1) Member's general area, at least to the zip code level.
2) Good meet-up places
3) Points of interest you want to share
4) Event locations
5) Anything else involving the Fury that can be mapped. Vendors?

All you have to do is post your City, State & Zip and I'll put you up there. If any of the admins/MODs give me any instructions (like delete the whole thing) I will. I have no interest in compromising people's privacy, just thought it would be nice to see where everyone is.

If you have any comments or suggestions, please post them here or PM me. I'll see what I can do!

UPDATE For those of you in major metro areas, I may ping you for a cross-street or landmark to uncluster geographically close entries.


Zimmerman, Mn. 55398
601 - 617 of 617 Posts