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Mirrors with LED turn signals

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I was wondering if anyone could recommend any websites that have mirrors with integrated LED turn signals.
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I have a set of these I will sell you, new in package, bought them for my VTX and decided I didn't want to use them Kuryakyn Part Number: 1431 - Direct Line Parts
$120 shipped (US)
I like the ones used on the HD Muscle bike. I think that would look really good:

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Thanks guys! Clueless, that site probably has the closest to what I am looking for. Here is the ones that I think I would like or something very similar:


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The ones on J&P look nice!! My only concern would be running the wires up to them. I wouldn't want the wires to stick out like a sore thumb.
I don't know about the others, but the Kury ones are pretty small and in a ss cover, can be run right along with the stock wire bundle
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