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You will definitely scrap the lower pipe when leaning into some turns. Have put over 1K miles on with my Mortons, and while I love em, they could have been a little higher for the right corners. Just when I think I've got it figured out how far I can lean over, I'll hit a dip in the road and scrap them a bit more. I kinda new this before I bought them, as another forum member had posted pics of his "filed down" Mortons from rubbin.

1badrt, I rode my bike quite a bit with the Mortons, stock fuel setup and stock air intake (almost daily to and from work, etc) and had no problems. I have the Spike intake now, with PCV, but still messin with trying to get it dialed in. Running okay, but still needs some tweeking

Bike Looks Hot! Black and chrome is definitely the way to go IMO :D
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