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Most miles

The day I bought mine. 540 miles. 1st two hours in the rain and the rest were awesome. Salmon Arm British Columbia to Southern Alberta through the Rocky Mountains.

These bikes are great!

What's the farthest anyone has ridden their Fury in one day? I took a vacation day Friday the 6th and rode the scenic route from Pittsburg, KS down to Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Went by Cassville, MO past Roaring River. Absolutely beautiful ride. Anyway, left at 8:00 A.M. got back a little before 5:00 P.M. Total of 270 miles that day. We did take a couple of breaks here and there, but not many. A couple of times my a$$ was SORE! But, after a small break, we hit the road and I was good for several more miles. Still, was an awesome trip and can't wait to do it again. Just need to take one more rest stop maybe. So much more fun riding in a pack instead of by yourself all the time.
By the way, rode with 5 other guys, 4 of them were HDs, 1 was a Honda Shadow. My Fury performed awesome of course, and in my opinion, looked the best. I was the only one without a windshield and I don't ever plan on putting one on. I did have to stop for gas twice and the HDs only once, but hey, the price you pay for asthetics, right?
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