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The contrast between slim-and-sleek (fury) to big-and-wide (valkyrie) is a good pic
and probably interesting story from you.......
I actually had 3 bikes. I sold my CBR 1100 XX about 2 months after I got my Fury. They passed a new super speeder law in GA and the sportbike would cruise at no less than 100 so I let it go.

The Valkyrie was a present from my Father in Law. He bought it in 2000 and never rode it. It only has 9500 miles on it and I put 9000 of that on. I told him I was planning to buy a cruiser and he told me to come get it. I don't argue with free but offered to pay him for it and he refused. One heck of a great guy.

The Valkyrie is like riding a couch. I had a custom seat made from a local shop and its like sitting on an overstuffed leather chair. I love the Valk. Its 6 cylinders put out over 100 HP and 100 ft/pds of torque. One of the best engines ever made. Its so smooth you can put a nickel on end on the engine cover, crank the bike and rev it without the nickel tipping over.

I won't ever sell it since it was a gift but when I saw the Fury I had to have it. The Fury usually goes to Bike Nights and the Valkyrie is the long hauler. A friend of mine wanted to ride that day so I let him use it and I dealt with the numb butt. Been too lazy to take it to my local shop to have them do the surgery but after this weekend I am going to make the time.

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Great story. Kinda reminded me of the Rune. I need to do something for my numb butt also. I trimmed my seat to accommodate the Sumo kit, therefore any additions will have to be made by me.
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