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Mike, that really sucks. Do you have any leads on anything? In times like this, approach it as an opportunity to find something better. I’ll keep my ears open for you.
Of course getting laid off is never good but maybe it will open new doors for you to an even better living.
I was laid off once years ago and I got a better job in the same field. I got fired from that job and was replaced by someone getting paid half the money I was making. Again I got a better job in the same field and now I am at the top. This would have never happened if I did not get fired or laid off. And the two other companies are out of business.
Just keep moving. You seem to be a smart guy with a lot of skills. This could be good when you look back on it down the road.

There is a laborers union strike going on so I am sitting at home.
No one is working and theses assholes want more money??? I guess 35 bucks an hour is not enough money to push a broom around?? DIP SHITS!
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