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New Fury in B-LO NY

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So happy I bought this bike, now if only I can turn that brake light into a multi-tasked brake/turn light and get rid of those ugly stock turns...
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RAW Design-The Fat Box, Big Tire Motorcycle Kits Products Page

this is what you will need unless you do the Radiants LED array mod with putting them under the Tail light or popping the lens open and putting them in there (Tony I think did that).
Thanks for the reply I'll check it out.
My bologna has a first name it's.....oop's location reminded me of my childhood. Welcome and many safe rides.
Congratulations, you actually reminded me that I need to write my DIY guide on rear led installations as well... welcome aboard!
Ohh Yeah i forgot about RSS DIY taillight.

Here is the fury of the month Tony entered into and has a link to his Tail light mod
welcome aboard and RAW will let you do just that. I put it on my bike.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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