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New Fury Owner - Atlanta..soon to be Melbourne, FL

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I have a blue Fury. Still stock. I have ordered the cobalt flames from Cycle Graphics as a stop gap until I can save up the money for a paint job. First big money mod will be pipes, haven't decided on the type yet, FC, Air Intake. I will also be picking up pegs, grips, mirrors, signals, and all the pieces to get rid of the badges that aren't glued on. I already had someone ask if they could take a picture of the bike while at a gas station...and it is still stock. Love it.
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Hey im in west palm FL, a bit south of where you will be. Melbourne is awsome and so is the fury.
Go for it Schmud! Shoulda got black though!!!
Something about the blue just caught my eye. My initial thoughts were some orange flames. I'm a huge Auburn fan, grew up there and go to games at least a few times a season, and tailgate for about 90% of them. This bike would definately turn some heads riding into game day.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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