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New Fury

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I just purchased my Fury Thursday, I took the fork reflectors off but not sure how to get the rear reflectors off. Any advice ?
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Congrats on your purchase and welome to the forum!
dental floss and wd 40 :)
.... And a hair dryer.
Like he said wd40 works great and welcome........ use the search tab above and enter anything u need to know ,pretty much everything has been discussed.
I think it was discussed to use non waxed dental floss and either wd40 or goo gone. and like everyone else said, welcome to the forum! which color did you get? abs or non abs bike?
Pulled mine off last week

I heated them up good with a hair dryer, and carefully grabbed them with a water pump pliers, twisted slightly, and they came off, only leaving a little glue residue which came off with some "goo gone"
I just heated mine and twisted them off with my hand.I didn't want to chance the paint with getting pliers near my fender!Had them both removed in about 10 minutes.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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