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New Owner in SC!

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Just bought Blue Fury with Power Commander, Cobra Swept pipe, clear signal lenses, chrome wheels, deleted reflectors and gun barrel foot pegs. I've already put about 500 miles on it in about 6 days of riding. Coming up on the first scheduled service. What's the best oil/filter and air filter to use? I traded in a 2009 ZX-6R on it and I DON'T regret it! I miss the speed but not the ride! I'll work on boosting the power on the Fury later... my first concern is dressing it up with more chrome... LOT'S MORE CHROME!!!

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Welcome aboard Jay, sounds like your off to a great start. Post some pic’s when you can.

Regarding Oil/filter, use the search button there has been a lot of discussion on this.
Welcome, where in SC are you? I'm in Charleston, see you around.
Welcome to the forum Jay and cogratualtions!
I use the OEM oil and filter... change it every 3,000 miles.
welcome Jay, up the coast in NC, near wilmington,,,picked a great color in blue,,gets alot of attention. enjoy and ride safe
I live in Hartsville but I ride all over!
I like fried spam.:confused:
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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