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I'm a lot like you.. it was only a month ago that i've never rode a motorcycle in my life, besides some goofin around on a dirt bike up at the cabin.
I took the riders course at the local tech college and bought a fury as my first bike ever. The only thing you need to take into consideration is that the furys dont turn as sharply as a lot of the other street bikes, and no where near as sharp as crotch rockets or crossover bikes. But they still turn smoothly and easily, so don't let that scare you.... some of the custom choppers with a rediculously long rake or an extra wide tire would be a lot more difficult to manuever.....
so as long as you take your corners nice and slow until you get a good feel of how the fury handles....everything else is smooth as silk in my opinion...
I can confirm what Raven mentioned about the turning. This is my first bike as well and it is very easy to ride. I have a little bit of trouble taking sharp turns, but nothing too serious. Just have to take them a little wider than most. I'm getting better and better the more I ride, but everything else about the bike is cake. You will love it!!
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