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If anyone is interested, I have a brand new (never worn) Voss novelty helmet for sale. This helmet is very kool looking and has a stylish modern maltese cross on the lower back of it. It is a size Medium which is measured about 22 1/2". I have the link below for a pic. If you scroll down the site - it is Item # VH107 which is $49.99. I will dump it for half the price + shipping. PM me if interested as I will sell to the first buyer and if not, it goes on Ebay. I don't need the helmet and can't return it as it was past 30 days. Again, it's a novelty helmet and is not DOT approved. The color is Black Chrome but looks more like a regular chrome IMO. It has a quick release buckle which is kool too.

Novelty Helmets

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