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OEM Backrest

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I'm probably the only one in the world this will happen to, but...

In case anybody is looking at the OEM Sissy Bar and Back Rest, check it out before you take it home. I just bought them today, and all was going well until I got to the back rest. The threads in the back rest were pretty crappy, machining didn't line up well, even the factory marks for drilling out the fender were a tad off. After I re-tapped and assembled everything, I decided to back out the bolts and use some aircraft hardware I had lying around. Seems the hardware didn't want to cooperate; now I've got a stuck bolt. I'll drill it out and re-re-tap on Monday, but for now it's staying on, as I'm taking my kid for a ride up around Rim O The World and Big Bear tomorrow.

Just thought I'd let everyone know...clean those threads up or you'll be pissed off...

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That's bad news,but it dos'nt surprize me.Honda make good bikes but their extras are not that well finnished as those you get from the aftermarket people..
good luck with that. imo, that backrest is the worst bike purchase i've ever made. it's solid enough for the passenger, for sure. But, the holes just kind of pigeon-hole you when it comes to more mods. you have to work around those holes.

UGH!! have to work around those holes........
Hell, I been doing that my whole life! LOL.


ride safe.
Only thing I didnt like about that whole set up was drilling in my fender. The was the first purchase I made seeing my son rides with me, havent had any issues, and if it was messed up I would take it back and make them get you another,,onething I have seen at my honda dealer is that they back there products, If I buy it and its wrong they take care of it. Wish u luck,
From what I understand, Cannella is working on a Kickstand, then Sissy Bar is next! So you can expect quality there. :D
Customized BackRest

I'm taking my bike down to the local Arlen Ness Dealer tomorrow they have a fabricator in house that's been customizing bikes for ever. He's out of Australia been in the states for a couple years I didn't have the bike with me so I"m going back tomorrow with the bike to work out the details on what I'm looking for. He should have it fabricated in two to three days then the chrome dude will have it for about a week. Should be abel to post pics shortly after
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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