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This section contains the following topics:
  • Posting Guidelines
  • Managing Unpleasant Situations
Other subjects such as
are at the bottom of every page.

Posting Guidelines
In an effort to make this forum more enjoyable for our members, we have adopted the following simple posting guidelines (which we hope to keep to a minimum).

We’d prefer not to moderate posts, but unfortunately that doesn't always work so well in real life. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding in creating an enjoyable atmosphere for everyone.

  1. Account Information: You may have only one account on this forum (no exceptions). If you have issues with your account or need help changing your username, password, email, etc. please contact a Staff Member or use the Report feature to file a report.

    1a. Do not share your account with another person.

    1b. Do not post personal information. There are people with malicious intent who design computer systems to target people at random, store their information, and use information against them (perhaps years later). It's unfortunate, but bad people do bad things and like elsewhere in life, the Internet is not much different.

    1c. Do not post or re-post another member's personal information.
    Personal information another member posts is under their control, information another member posts is not under their control. If you quote a message with personal information in it, remove the personal information from your quote.

    1d. Do not post messages on behalf of banned members (they are banned for a reason). Doing so will result in a ban for the poster who is conveying the message, and an increase in the ban length for the poster who is sending the message.

  2. Topics of Conversation (very important): This is a Motorcycle forum* where occasionally Politics, Religion, and Controversial Topics intersect discussions - not vice-versa.
    *technically forums (plural): a related group of categorized places ("meeting rooms") where ideas and views on a particular issue can be exchanged.

  3. PLEASE try to put topics in the correct forums! Cross-posting is not allowed by non-supporting vendor members and can result in the deletion of one or both posts. Cross-posting is defined as posting the same information in two or more separate forums (sections). We understand that some topics might fit into more than one forum--please try to pick the best one and stick with it. (It is okay to briefly reference your post in someone else's thread and provide a link to the first thread as long as doing so contributes to the discussion.)

    Supporting Vendors are allowed to make "double posts" advertising their products and/or deals outside of their own forum section WHEN an open forum section's topic pertains to their products and/or deals. Regular double posting rules apply to all other posts that are NOT business related.

  4. Try to be as descriptive as possible when creating new threads. Getting the help you're looking for is as simple as generating an informative thread title. Titling your thread, "hey" or "question" will not get the views or response that you're looking for. Clickbait is prohibited.

  5. Profanity is not tolerated in thread titles! It is also not generally allowed in threads unless it significantly enhances the content of the post.

  6. Discussions, feedback, and comments are welcome here as long as they are relevant and insightful. We reserve the right to edit as appropriate; delete profane, harassing, abusive, and spam comments or posts; move or remove off-topic commentary; and block repeat offenders.

    If you post off-topic content it should either be hilarious and not excessive, or in the Off Topic forum.

    We also reserve the right to not edit posts and let members "work it out on their own." Staff is not here to referee or remove things you don't like or take offense to--your mom may have coddled you, but we're not your mommy.

  7. Trolling is the behavior of deliberately posting inflammatory, irrelevant, incorrect, misleading, or offensive comments for the purpose of disrupting the community or harassing another member and is not allowed. If this behavior continues after a warning your account could be closed.

  8. Respect other members: Do not flame, badger, disrespect, attack, or taunt anyone on the forums. This also goes for our Supporting Vendors and Staff as well. If we feel a thread is getting out of hand we will close it or delete it. You can, and will be banned if you continue this type of behavior. This community is an awesome group of people who generally want to learn, develop and expand, so we don't expect this will be a problem.

    Be honest, with others and yourself, and try not to exaggerate. In general, people tend to accept (or ignore) others for who a person is if they're honest. This isn't always the case, but generally a person has more success in life if "they're real." Strike a healthy balance though, try not to be a person who over-shares everything.

    A very common club rule is summed up as: "Don't tell someone else's story." Speak for yourself, about things you know, and your own thoughts and opinions. The forum is not private and can be read by anyone, so do not share things others shared with you.

    8a. Ideas and opinions may be challenged, but name-calling, personal attacks, or other inappropriate behavior is not allowed and may cause your account to be banned. (This includes name-calling of public figures.)

    8b. Do not question or debate another member's qualifications publicly on the message board. Instead, any questionable posts should be reported using Report Post.

    8c. Harassment/threats will not be tolerated and may result in a permanent ban in this and other VS communities and may be reported to authorities. This includes private messages, Avatars, Facebook, and/or social media and user emails.

    Do not question or debate an administrative decision publicly. Contact the Moderator(s) or Admin(s) via Private Message.

  9. Public posting of PMs (private messages) is not allowed without
    a.) written permission from all involved parties and
    b.) you noting that permission at the start of the post.
    PMs will be removed, and a Warning issued. Depending on the severity, a temporary suspension may result. Repeat offenders will lose their posting privileges.

  10. Do not defame a company or person. You may have had a bad experience with Dent's Muffler Concepts and want to vent, but don't--venting always goes badly. Saying, "Dent's is the worst company in history and hates customers!" is far different than explaining the facts of what happened.

    First, leave out the company name, or at least be specific so Dents Fabrication isn't mistaken for who you're talking about and DMC isn't confused with DeLorean Motor Company.

    Second, explain what happened. One of Joe Dent's employees may have "gone off their meds"--it happens, as do family emergencies, divorces, car accidents, "a bad day" ... but that doesn't mean other customers had a bad experience with the company or that the problem cannot be rectified in time.

    Third, realize many companies are one-man-shops where the person loves doing the job but hates paperwork (or constantly getting interrupted with phone calls), and lead-time is six months for custom parts. If you and others ride their ass and make them hate their job they're going to close up shop and we'll lose a vendor, and you won't get your parts.

    DO NOT -UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES- threaten a company with, "If you don't (do what I want) I'll post on the forum (my [exaggerated] experience)." That's basically Internet Strong-arming, unethical, and in some cases illegal.

    Similarly: Be careful of what you say about others. A person's unfounded expectations of someone often leads to their own downfall.
    It's kind of like going on a bad date: You expected X but got Y. That doesn't necessarily make your date a bad person...weird maybe, but not a bad person.

  11. Private party ads are acceptable as long as they are posted in the Classifieds forum section and posted by private sellers who own the item. The classified section is not intended for private entrepreneurs. If your business has a product or service that you feel can benefit our community set up a business account BEFORE you post!

    Third-party ads (selling for a friend) are considered SPAM/scam and cause for an immediate account ban.

    The forum is not a sales platform and does not resolve disputes between buyers and sellers. While staff tries to weed out scammers, scammers are trying to find find new and creative ways to scam people. There is a member-created thread we stuck to the top of the Classifieds section with advice on navigating buying/selling. If there's any advice we can give you it is: Do not rush into a deal! If something looks too good to be true or is "a really good deal" or is being posted by one person but sold by another be cautious. Both sellers and buyers can be scammers, so if something makes you suspicious use good judgement before proceeding.

    DO NOT negatively impact a legitimate For Sale thread. If you would like to help a member, Private Message them.

  12. Spamming/advertising in the general forums is not tolerated. If you have a product or service that would be of interest to our members please see the Business membership page to learn how you can join our team and help support our community. We offer low-cost packages that can be of great benefit to you and your company.

    12a. Advertising your business or product in signatures, avatars, pictures or user names is not allowed for Member accounts. Business accounts must follow the rules for their membership level. Violations will be removed and repeat offenders will lose posting privileges.

    12b. A promotion of other sites and/or other forums is not allowed. Repeatedly referring to other related sites is considered SPAM and is not allowed.

    12c. Members posting links to other forums in signatures, posts or PM's in effort to generate traffic to another site is considered spamming. Members involved with "poaching" other members is cause for a permanent ban of the member and any/all associates.

    12d. Promotion of contests you've entered is considered SPAM and is not allowed.

    12e. Promoting escort services and gambling results in an immediate ban.

  13. Adult type content is allowed in the OFF TOPIC - Old and Crusty forums ONLY! (and it should relate to motorcycles--this is a motorcycle forum)
    • Please be courteous of other members and be sure to include a stern warning when posting such content.
    • Please use links to adult content and use "NSFW" (Not Safe For Work) in the thread title when doing so.
    • Using the forums server and attachment feature for adult content is strictly forbidden and will be removed. Again, images that are Not Work Safe need to be in a link format and cannot be hosted on this site (in part it leads to companies blocking the forum instead of the material).
    • Any videos with adult content or any illegal or inappropriate activities will be removed and may result in further action.

    • Not Safe For Work forums are labeled NSFW to help members avoid content they don't want to view.
      Example of a NSFW forum when viewing What's New:
      Font Sky Electric blue Darkness Midnight

  14. ILLEGAL ACTIVITY IS PROHIBITED. Several motorsports related subjects that were legal have recently become illegal. General discussion about such topics is usually not a problem; saying or implying you intend to break the law, posting pictures of you committing illegal activity, encouraging others to commit illegal activity, etcetera is prohibited.

    DO NOT involve any vendor, member, or other person by posting their name / address / phone number / general location / thoughts or comments / anything else.

    (Your Federal, State, and Local laws govern your activity, the forum does not. The forums are not a platform for discussing the commission of criminal activity.)​
Vendor Notes:
  • Official Supporting Vendors are allowed to list links to their web pages in their signatures and contact info. Pricing, item descriptions and special sales are NOT allowed in vendor signatures.
  • Supporting Vendors are allowed to post in open forum sections if the post is on-topic or in reply to a members question or issue.
  • Supporting Vendors are allowed to cross post ONCE on a specific item. Once in their own vendor forum and once in any other forum outside their own vendor forum.
Moderators and Administrators are here in the interest of the members to keep things running smoothly and as such have the final word, though this is not a totalitarian regime and you can explain your situation and have a discussion with them in Private Message.

If you have a problem or a complaint please direct it to the Staff Members instead of posting in the public forums--they will take the appropriate actions to resolve the issue in a private and discreet manner. (Use the Report feature when appropriate, it's not "something evil," is private, and usually gets the fastest response.)

Also note: sometimes actions have unintended consequences. There was a decision to implement a "bad word filter" and now the name M-i-c-k (which can be a slang term) gets filtered as a side-effect. Therefore, staff doesn't always do something that "seems obvious" because the results can be something other than expected.

Most of all....Have fun and enjoy the forums!

Managing Unpleasant Situations
“You can please some of the people all of the time, you can please all of the people some of the time, but you can’t please all of the people all of the time.” --John Lydgate of Bury (c. 1370 – c. 1451)

Undoubtedly, and similar to any other informational communication you might encounter, at some point in time someone will say or do something that you're rather unhappy with. On these forums you may find the following remedies useful:
  • Realize language is imprecise, as are the people using it.
    Someone may have not meant what they said, and/or you may not be understanding their meaning.

  • Try to understand the other person's viewpoint, and the context.
    Without understanding why a person thinks the way they do, what they think isn't as relevant.

  • Participate in the thread and speak your peace.
    You're free to express your thoughts relative to a subject in a reasonable manner. Remaining rational and de-escalating a situation is often fruitful.

  • Skip reading that person's posts.
    Overlooking someone's viewpoint on a particular subject often has more value than one might imagine.

  • Unfollow the thread.
    If you don't like a subject and aren't learning something useful from reading it, don't read it.

  • Private Message the person and talk with them directly.
    Click their name and Send a Message. Before you actually hit Send, save it as a draft, give it some time, and rewrite anything that sounds unpleasant. Respect given often goes a long way.
    If appropriate/necessary, add a staff member to the conversation--we're bikers too, we get it.

  • Use the Ignore feature with certain members.
    If you really can't stand a person hover over their name, click on the three dots menu, select Ignore.

  • Report the post with a comment on what doesn't belong.
    Click on the three dots menu on the offending post, select Report. Reports are confidential within the staff and not shared with the member being reported.

  • Try again.
    Sometimes a situation takes more than one (or a few) tries to resolve. Rather than leaving the forum and the situation persisting, stick with it and try to work with the staff on finding a resolution. We don't get stuff done by quitting, we stick together and figure it out.
Hopefully this helps. If it doesn't, message a staff member--we actually listen.

4,306 Posts
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Updated 09/16/2022:
  • Added: Thread titles: Clickbait is prohibited.
  • Updated: Discussions to emphasize content should be on-topic and relevant to the thread.
  • Updated: Do not defame to be more clear.
  • Updated: Adult type content to emphasize content must be hosted on external servers, not uploaded to forum servers.

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Updated 09/27/2022:
  • Adult type content is allowed in the OFF TOPIC - Old and Crustyforums ONLY! (and it should relate to motorcycles--this is a motorcycle forum)
    • Not Safe For Work forums are labeled NSFW to help members avoid content they don't want to view.
      Example of a NSFW forum (see main post)
  • Profanity is not tolerated in any thread titles! (Never!)
    It is also not generally allowed in threads unless it significantly enhances the content of the post. (While the Old and Crusty forums are more lenient, the guideline still applies.)
  • Keep threads on-topic. Off-topic "stuff" should be in the Off-Topic section. There are "30 threads" on any given topic, so when someones bike is down and they're trying to wrench it themselves it's a lot to read; off-topic and offensive content makes reading the forum "frustrating" in that scenario.
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