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Interesting choice... I really want another Victory as that was my everyday and my long distance bike but I have decided that having a dealer nearby is more important to me, my last Victory the nearest dealer was 120miles away and he has now closed so even farther now.

I am anxiously waiting for the Fury but my dealer has a FJR 1300 right now that he says for my riding style would be a better bike. He knows the kind of distances I can put on the weekends and thinks I won't like the Fury (he also thought I would hate the Victory which the Fury is just a copy of). He says the Fury is too chopped for comfortable long distance, I think he has a point but I could do it anyway because I am more the cruiser style these days, my sport bike days are behind me.

Several friends are having fun at my expense over my choices... FJR 1300 or Fury which are radically different bikes.
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