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painted side covers

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This weekend I had my basic rider course so in between that I decided to paint my side covers and transfer case cover. sorry I was trying to post a pic but havent figured out how.
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Looks good. Now cut that rear tag assembly
all you have to do is hit the go advanced button, scroll down to manage attachments, it brings up another box or tab depending on the browser you use, and hit upload from computer and then find the pictures that your trying to attach and then attach them to your post, I believe it's a 5 picture limit.
Definitley works for me. I like it! Good job. You painted it or you sent it out for paint?
Thanks guys, I painted them myself. Ordered the paint from colorrite for the side covers, the black is just gloss black I already had.
trying to insert the pic again.
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It worked! cool
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Damn, that does look good. We ( blues ) cant do that IMO ... too much blue on the sides.
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