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PICS from last night

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My brother was in town for the holiday weekend and we did a pretty good bit of riding here are some pics from last night. His bike is a night train by the way!

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The white is bada$$! I really like what you have done.
f in good job, list all that you did and how much you spent please...
damn rite. makes that harley look bad
that is very true
Lookin Good, as always :cool:
Looks Good. I love how much better your Fury looks than the HD.
The fury is sick. Makes the HD look like a piece of @@@@. Very clean and custom look you have done.
Not my taste, but kudos on the hard work to get it where you wanted. THe only thing missing is some black light LEDs on your bike.
I love the contrast between the black and white, looks sensational. Definitely your own twist! :D
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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