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I went to the Plant City, Florida bike night tonight. It is held the first Saturday of every month and it draws hundreds and hundreds of bike from all over central Florida... It's a fairly large event for this area and I try to go every month.

Tonight's Bike show included 4 Fury's....Mine, two dark red ones and the blue one below that won the "Best of Show"... I don't know who owns this Fury but it is awesome... Custom paint and there isn't a inch on this bike that doesn't have Chrome.... It's a true masterpiece.

I didn't want to fill up this thread with pictures so I've uploaded all my pic's to my Photobucket for the ones that want to look..

Here's a link to the Album:

Plant City Florida Bike night April 4 2011 pictures by Jesse (2011MatteOrange)

Enjoy and let me know if you all want me to post pic's in the future of the local bike nights
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