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Down with milkymutant chrome!!

Low and Mean and All the other great custom fab shops here on the forum, could you guys take a look at replacing the plastic chromed cover under seat to real chromed metal with allen bolt type fastners?
The BLUE hue given off by the OEM stuff is making me feel sick. I want more real chrome shine! I think a lot of owners would buy this upgrade. Plus go over bike and change out as much of plastic with real metal as possible!
Also rear under frame fin/scoope that would cup rear tire / opposite of front oem LED lit one buy Honda
Does some one offer this already? Just hoping future kits might include some stuff like this!
Gotta agree about the faux-chrome engine covers; I didn't mind them at first but after awhile that milky mutant looks started to really bug me. Especially when I saw larrylegend's first posts of his chromed wheels; the difference between the real-deal chrome and the faux chrome really shows up.

My Chromed Wheels - Pics ( 1 2 3 ... Last Page)
The third pic top row of the bike in profile looking from back towards front left side really shows what I mean.

I would *definitely* be in the market for real-deal-steel/chrome covers; especially the front one as that big curved smooth surface is such a big part of what makes that engine look so good perched in the frame.

Crap: sorry, tried a couple times to make that a link to LL's post, but couldn't figure out how to do it. But anyways', if you look for LarryLegends post with that title and check out the pics, you'll see what I mean.
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