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Dang you guys are always finding things I need to spend money on! Ordered from Direct Line just now. That looks way too cool!

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so what is the correct part number that will fit right? I see 3 different parts on this thread

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Here is a list that Kuryakyn came out with in May

6232 Transformer grips
6240 universal grips
6262 Flame Grips
7411 levers
7421 levers
9194 clutch perch
9184 handler bar control covers
1448 or any of our mirrors
1445 mirror adapters
8803 front peg adapters
8802 rear peg adapters
8815 splined front adapters
8818 splined rear adapters
4471 zombie pegs (any of our male adapter pegs)
7520 mini zombies (any of our male adapter pegs)
9198 license plate
2268 lenses amber front
2269 lenses red rear
2270 lenses smoked front
2271 lenses smoked rear
7340 fender tip
7821 brake master cylinder rear cover
7708 engine cover inserts
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