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Rear Fender Panel Brand New *Solo Seat*

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I'm putting this up for sale. I thought about installing the item, but I decided I like the plain fender look with the Matte Silver.

I purchased this brand new for $94.45. I'm willing to take a 10% loss and include shipping to the lower 48 states.

Never installed. Only taken out of the box to look at the parts. Everything is boxed up ready to go!

$85 Shipped :eek:

I can do paypal also :cool:


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i have been debating on getting one. i have the sissy bar on. if i take the sissy bar off will this cover the holes?
It will... under the metal plate resides a piece of leather/felt thingy.
Pending sale right now :cool:
That was quick!!!
Pending sale right now :cool:
Sold. :) GWED, I am such a shop-a-holic. :D
SOLD! :cool: I think you already know who bought it :D
The box was shipped! :D

Closing thread :cool:
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