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Okay, so I have completed all of my initial mods to my bike. The first thing I needed to do was get a sissy bar/luggage rack so I can use the bike for work. And since I had to wait a couple of weeks to get it, I did a few things while waiting. Here's what I have done:

Removed reflectors.

Key Mod:

Custom Faceplate:

Battery Tender/USB Adapter/Phone Holder/Tool Bag:
Tender routed under the tank and up into the tool bag. USB adapter sits in the tool bag. iPhone cord painted black and routed down into the bag and is permanent. It can be locked down when phone is not in holder.

Custom Painted to match bike Headlight Cover:

Black Highway Hawk Arch Sissy Bar and Luggage Rack:


*still on the wait list for a black bike stand*

I'm very pleased with it right now!

Stage 2/3: Upcoming mods are as follows: Custom Pipes, Side License plate Holder, Rear light assembly delete/LEDs, Red LED accent light kit, New Matching Grips and both sets of pegs, Black front turn signal housings with white lights, New Mirrors, Sena Bluetooth Headset, Memphis Shield, and new Seat.

~ Red
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