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Ride to Palm Springs February 27th

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Weather permitting, is anyone interested in riding out to Palm Springs next Saturday? There is a big McCormick classic car auction going on and the weather should be nice if we are through the rain.

I was thinking that SoCal riders could start in the OC and meet up with LA riders for breakfast somewhere and then head out to Palm Springs for the day. Maybe some Vegas or AZ Fury riders could meet us in Palm Springs. Some may want to stay overnight. The auction is an all-weekend event with about 700 cars on display. Others could ride home the same evening.

Anyone interested or have other ideas?

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Looks like I'm in...
Hey RSS & CB Fury how about you guys..?
Sounds good

Great! Will you follow up with James and CB Fury? I'll follow up with Mickey. Should i send pms to the AZ guys?
I'd really, really like too... but in the process of moving right now and that will take up most of my time for the next couple of weeks... also, starting school back up next week... so, I will just have to be on standby and let you know the night before whether or not I'm going. Sorry bout that... life is taking over for the moment though :(
well it's good to know...

your off all night tequilla bingers for a while James! :p
your off all night tequilla bingers for a while James! :p
Yea... sucking down beers as I watch the USA beat Canada @ hockey (whoo hoo!) & packing at the same time... kind of ruins the buzz :(
Hey I am down but have to see what I feel like on Saturday... Reenlisting for the last time for four years... 20 years just around the corner... GF is making plans so have to see what she is thinking of doing so I can figure out if I can or not... :D
I would love to go, but I will be riding my other Honda in the desert this weekend. Hopefully I can catch up with you guys another time.

I looked up the 10 day forecast and it's calling for rain all the way to Palm Springs on Saturday...
I don't own any rain gear...
Yeah I am reading showers as well. Besides the GF has plans for me... even though I love to ride the bike, I love riding her even more... LOL :D
Palm Springs weather

Well it sounds like Tony, Mickey and I if weather permits. Yeah I saw the forecast as well. maybe it will change before sat. keep your fingers crossed.
Well, I have confidence that we can ride like hell and stay in front of the weather.

But I also don't ride in the rain when I can avoid it!

So I guess I'm out this time, but put me down for the next adventure.

Got caught in the rain
tonight coming down PCH.. :mad:
RainX on the visor helped but the bike was soaked...
It was all clean and purty.. Mothers Showtime to the rescue...:)
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Hey Trip:

FYI, I saw another dude get a ticket tonight for no DOT helmet at Starbucks..

HBPD on their game...
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Palm Springs cancelled

Damn weather. Let's try for another group ride soon guys. Yeah Tony it sounds like the helmet police are in full force in HB. I also heard they give out tickets for loud pipes.
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