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Has anyone installed the scootworks risers and if so, how did you route the cables. I am having trouble getting everything connected with no binding.

any help would be greatly appreciated

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Ok, here are the instructions we talked about for the Honda Fury. I am sure you
can tweek them a bit, but here it goes.
1. Cover gas tank with towels.
2. Remove chrome wiring holders located underneath the top trippletree. There
are two bolts, 8mm.
3. Remove the plastic retaining clips holding the wiring to the handlebars, two
on the right bar and just the one on the left bar nearest to the trippletree. *
Note: this will leave small chrome tabs visible on bars. They are barely
4. Remove front brake banjo bolt. * Use caution as brake fluid is very
corrosive. Do NOT pump the front brake lever. Be careful not to lose the two
washers. A small amout of fluid will come out, catch with a towel. Turn the
front brake line 90 degrees. This will increase the line length slightly.
Reinstall the banjo bolt.
5. Once the banjo bot is tightened completely pump the front brake several
times to bring back pressure. If it does not immediately return leave it for
6. Loosen handlebar acorn nuts, located underneath the top tripletree.
7. Have someone hold the handlebars while you remove the nuts and washers.
8. Loosen both upper for leg bolts.
9. Remove acorn nut on top tripletree. (size 30mm nut)
10 Lift tripletree off, should come off easily.
11. Reroute clutch cable behind tripletree.
12. Pull throttle cables behind triple tree for now.
13. Reinstall tripletree. Tighten acorn nut, then fork pinch bolts.
14. Route throttle cables over tripletree.
15. Install risers to handlebars. * Recommend one drop each of Locktight,
medium (blue).
16. Place handlebars on tripletree, route the throttle cables BETWEEN the
17. Put one drop Locktight on each bolt provided.
18. Install and tighten each evenly.
19. Use zip-ties to tidy up cables and wiring. * Use caution not to over tighten zip-ties
as it could cause binding of cables or brakeline.
20. Pump up front brake lever if needed. If pressure does not return you will
have to bleed system of air.

Dave, I would include a small tube of blue Locktight and six small zip-ties with
your kit. I may have missed something in the directions as I am sitting here
doing it from memory. The routing of the cables is all important and I had to
try several options before deciding on the exact way to do it. I believe these
are the best way, although someone could put the trottle cables behind the
trippletree. I tried that first and was able to simulate them binding, so for
safety reasons routed them this way. Would you like a picture of the finished

Will Maynard
This was in another thread about the Scootwork's risers.
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