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FYI...that stock seat wont keep any woman happy unless her ass is made of steel. Only 1% of them have what it takes to ride on this ass killer. I have a Diamond plate ass pad for my biach & she still complains(good). It is still a step up from the fender with a feminine pad stuck to it. At least it seems like I am
I agree with this statement, if you're wanting the wife to ride with you then putting suction cups on the stock passenger seat is not the way to go.

Really you are going to have to find a two-up seat you like or can live with, or have two sets of seats, that passenger seat is narrow and in order to be comfortable you need to have a wider seat to distribute the weight more evenly, only take a minute to switch seats out.

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Luckily she's not into taking longer rides so the stock one, according to her at least, is just fine. She's a tiny thing and honestly doesn't complain much (I know, what a lucky guy) so this should be a great option for us. Once again you guys here have provided rookies like me info and ideas that otherwise I would have never thought of. Thanks so much to all of you. Hopefully I can start making my own contractions here soon. Couple of things in the works...

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I agree, Ilvh8rs, it's definitely an option. For me, literally it's only like once or twice a year that the ol lady will even ride with (she generally hates bikes, looong story), and when she does, it better be for very short trips or it's nervous breakdown time. So I figured why spend money on a passenger seat that gets used less than 25 miles/year. But If I can do this to the stock seat for those rare occasion short rides, why not? L&M actually recommends using a suction cup seat to go with their solo seat. So I'll take a gander when I get home, and if it looks ok with the L&M, it's worth a shot. It's the same seat she's always ridden on, and the seat is the least of the complaints I get from her afterwards lol.

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Hopefully I can start making my own contractions here soon.
Here try these just to get started:

aren't are not
can't cannot
couldn't could not
didn't did not
doesn't does not
don't do not
hadn't had not
hasn't has not
haven't have not
he'd he had; he would
he'll he will; he shall
he's he is; he has
I'd I had; I would
I'll I will; I shall
I'm I am
I've I have
isn't is not
it's it is; it has
let's let us
mightn't might not
mustn't must not
shan't shall not
she'd she had; she would
she'll she will; she shall
she's she is; she has
shouldn't should not
that's that is; that has
there's there is; there has
they'd they had; they would
they'll they will; they shall
they're they are
they've they have
we'd we had; we would
we're we are
we've we have
weren't were not
what'll what will; what shall
what're what are
what's what is; what has; what does
what've what have
where's where is; where has
who'd who had; who would
who'll who will; who shall
who're who are
who's who is; who has
who've who have
won't will not
wouldn't would not
you'd you had; you would
you'll you will; you shall
you're you are
you've you have

Sorry I "couldn't" help myself.... Damn it now "you've" got me doing it... shit.:D

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How do you sit in a c&c compared to stock? Does it sit any lower, further forward or back, etc. I know they will add lumbar to help move forward, which I would like, just don't like the additional $100+ it adds to the cost. If a c&c sits the same as factory, I think that would work. Still looking at the Corbin dual tour saddle. Right now, it's between those two, c&c and corbin. Anyone know how the Corbin sits compared to stock?

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Found a little info today for anyone else interested. I went to Ridenow powersports to see about a seat. I was really interested in the Corbin 2 up saddle. The gal helping me out called corbin to ask a question about color options. One question led to another, the guy on the phone says Corbin will also add lumbar, like C&C. On top of that, the gal at Ridenow told me he said they would work on the seat free, once a year, for as long as needed to get me situated where I want to be positioned. Such as adding or removing lumbar to sit me more forward or rearward. I kind of thought that was cool. The guy taking the order (Sergio) said he was about my height, and would help them make my seat to move it forward a little to start with. I thought they were awesome and if they do what he said, it'll be worth it!

Bad part is waiting 4-6 weeks since it's a custom job.
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